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EXCEL joshi Division

“Make a society, where much more women work lively” we set as our mission.

Microsoft Excel is one of the most important tools in every clerical work in business.
Therefore, high operation skill of MS Excel can make your clerical work more efficient.
We provide business persons who have high IT literacy and skills, and especially good at MS Excel solution.
We make it possible with our own educational system based on the ICT services knowledge since we have started in 2008.


We supply mainly three services; temporary placement, short-term placement, business process outsourcing.

Temporary placement; our member works at your office as a temporary worker for 1month to more than three years.
Short-term placement; our member visits your office from 4 hour per day and support your office work.
Business Process Outsourcing; we take on your troublesome office operations like data calculation and analysis.

EXCEL joshi have high MS Excel operation skills from V-LOOKUP or Pivot Table, to VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), which can contribute to make your clerical work more efficient and easier.

Middle skill between clerical officers and ICT engineers.

Owing to ICT, there are higher demand of ICT knowledge and skills in every business scene currently.
In this situation, clerical work is also required ICT literacy more than used to be.
We provide this EXCEL joshi services to bridge the gap of normal clerical work and ICT for business.
EXCEL joshi have the middle skill between clerical officers and ICT engineers.
We contribute your business with “Higher skills more than clerk officers but lower price than ICT engineers”.

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