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Medical Division

Medical recruitment for medical industrial companies of pharmaceutical products and medical equipment.

We provide medical recruitment for medical industrial companies for any place like following;

Research and development, clinical trials, regulatory, sales and marketing, quality assurance and management, production management, human resources, Accounting.

A person we can recruit from our huge database has not only medical knowledge and skill but ability of English, which is required in medical field.

Demand capture and large database of buliiant human resources

We, HR consultants, all have experience of working in global medical companies,
which enable us to capture your company’s demand and requirement.
We always keep our mind to recruit a person who works with our clients.
Therefore, we also have our own evaluation standard of communication and business skills.
We believe in that humanity is one of the most important factor of recruitment although which is not seen in CVs.

Global Recruitment

Global recruitment, is one of our features.
We have provided global temporary placement and recruitment of Plant engineering field since our establishment.
In medical field, we recruit global business persons who can contribute in global medical field.